Alma Andino-Frydman

Co-Founder & CEO

Alma is a sophomore studying Economics and Computer Science at Stanford University. Alma is the CEO of Asmbl and manages all team operations, strategic company planning, external relations, and company visioning. Her frustrations with the disjointed and performative nature of digital activism pushed Alma to form Asmbl to engage a new space for a civil exchange of ideas. Alma has organized for labor protections under Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, led local efforts to naturalize immigrants in the Bay Area, and has been deeply involved in Jewish activism for many years. While the unregulated power of extortive tech firms has created deep crises in American society, Alma believes Asmbl will be used by passionate people as a tool for change. She looks forward to growing Asmbl as she explores the country in her self-converted “skoolie”(diy-rv)!

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