Valeria Gonzalez

National Field Organizer

Valeria is currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Creative Writing at Stanford University. She is one of Asmbl's National Field Organizers and works to create partnerships with various community members to aid in Asmbl’s growth and inclusion. Prior to working at Asmbl, Valeria developed her outreach and communications skills by working on criminal justice reform at Alliance for Safety and Justice, a nonprofit organization that works to reform our current system by giving crime survivors agency in community healing and shaping public safety policy in the United States. Valeria’s passion for justice spans beyond the US, as she now works on drug policy at Dejusticia, a nonprofit based in Colombia. Valeria also takes her leadership far beyond her work. Within her first month at Stanford, Valeria walked onto the Stanford Men’s Rowing team to be a coxswain, where she now competes nationally. Valeria is looking forward to making Asmbl a space for activists internationally to have their voices heard and connect on a broader scale.

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